February 7, 2012



707 Strength & Fitness Clients

“At 48 years of age, I can honestly say I feel mentally and physically better then I have in over 10 years! Almost two 10628160_10206805826573779_8055241838790061209_nyears ago I had shoulder surgery.  I returned to 707 S&F shortly afterwards, where my WOD’s were scaled and modified to help with recovery and rehab. I quickly learned that there’s ALWAYS something you can do, regardless of your physical and metal abilities! No one will stand in your way but YOURSELF and THIS is where the INCREDIBLE coaches at 707 step in! With their positive and supportive guidance you CAN and WILL accomplish awesome goals!  707 is a extremely supportive family atmosphere!”

~ Andrea McLarty, client since January 2013





12193523_10153136819216053_807261825810103648_n“My husband and I moved to Benicia from out of state late in 2014. Having CrossFitted for just over a year prior to that, we knew we wanted to continue with that lifestyle. 707 Strength & Fitness was the first gym we looked at, and we knew right away it would be a great fit for us. The friends we made very quickly became family, and I couldn’t be more grateful! As athletes, we’ve both grown immensely and started taking competition more seriously to continually challenge ourselves.

We’re extremely thankful for Kara and Spencer leading the gym in all the right ways, from the coaching staff to scheduling, to being there for us on a personal level. We love coming to the gym every day and spending time with our swole family!”

~ Lindsay Wahlberg, client since November 2014



“If we were to have coffee together and you asked me, what is one of my favorite things to do, I would tell you, 487895_4695631148906_1912032051_n“Going to 707 Strength & Fitness!” I joined 707 because I was looking for something new to do to keep me in shape because of my love of eating. Little did I know, I would get so much more out of it. I found a love of weightlifting and I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. I’ve met some really good friends and their encouragement and positivity keeps me on my path of health. I’ve completely changed my eating habits because I’ve learned through 707 that they all love to eat as much as I do, but do it in a healthy way. And, it’s made me try things I never thought I would try, and I’m slowly seeing myself getting better at them.

This all stems from the amazing coaches at 707, and the owners, Kara and Spencer Purves. They have created this extraordinary atmosphere and this supportive community of health and fitness and I think everyone should try 707 Strength & Fitness”.

~ Windy Keefe, client since May 2012



“2015 was a big year of personal change for me.  I had to do something or face deteriorating health similar to other acquaintances over the age of 60.  Intrigued by my step-daughter’s enthusiasm for CrossFit, and based on Kaiser’s recommendation, I contacted CrossFit 707 with a hesitant, “Well, OK, I’ll give this gym thing another try” attitude.  To my great surprise and delight, 707 Strength & Fitness is NOT another “gym thing”!!!  From the first 60+ minute meeting with Kara, co-owner, to the subsequent sessions with coaches, the mission and values of 707 is consistent among the staff – They are supportive in every way possible, sincerely happy when you reach a personal goal, and full of encouragement when you feel that success is elusive.  For once, I have not only found a physical activity that is a source of immense joy and reward, but more importantly, a special facility staffed by people with integrity and compassion.”

~ 707 Client since September 2015


12240097_10207074131798984_654921323259350559_n“If it weren’t for the family-friendly, supportive environment at 707, I would be hard pressed to find time to get my workouts in.  Here I can bring my three year old daughter, set her up in the playroom with friends, or set her up with her own activities and get my own workout done.  Not only does she get to experience the value of exercise, I also know that the coaches and whole community understand if I need to assist her briefly before returning to my workout.

Furthermore, the atmosphere is extraordinarily positive at 707.  I would consider myself an intermediate when it comes to skill and endurance.  When I observe the coaches interacting with all of the community members, I admire how respectful and encouraging they are to all levels of ability and body sizes.  They truly value everyone at the box and want everyone to be the best version of their self.  I’ve been able to improve and work beyond my own self limitations by freely discussing with the coaches my own mental and physical blocks and hurdles.”

~ Katie Levine, client since February 2014


“As someone who grew up playing competitve sports, I found myself as an adult constantly looking for more than just exercise.  It became increasingly more difficult to play sports at my age with work, family, and other commitments, but I wasn’t satisfied with just running races or doing kickboxing.  I found CrossFit while my kids were playing soccer and 707 was emerging in the park.  I was hooked pretty quickly.  I loved the camaraderie and I found it to be quite similar to a team sport.  Everyone was competing while at the same time, cheering one another along.  The best of both worlds, competitve yet supportive!!  When Kara and Spencer opened their own box, it was a like another set of doors opened up. So many new things to learn!  I’ve never done anything more difficult yet more rewarding and it is truly addicting.  I still come to every WOD with a nervous stomach and leave feeling like I’ve accomplished something.  Sometimes it’s killing the WOD, sometimes it’s just doing a new movement better, and sometimes it’s just getting through a WOD I knew I was going to struggle with before it even began.  Whatever it may be, it keeps me wanting more.  I love the people, I love the coaches, and I love CrossFit!!!”

~ 707 Client since August 2010


1546362_10202130249051978_786340986_n“I’ve been training with weights in some form or another on and off over the last 15 years since high school.  I’ve tried a little bit of everything in pursuit of looking and feeling good, as well as overall fitness, but lack of consistency has been my biggest hurdle.  Balancing my career in banking, my own business, family, and various extra curricular activities has halted my progress frequently over the years with “workout layoffs” (one lasting almost 2 years!).  I’ve fluctuated weight, bodyfat, and fitness levels more times than I care to mention.  In April of 2009 a close friend challenged me to hike to the top of Half Dome with her in June.  Grossly out of shape and overweight, I accepted the challenge and began my own training regimen of jogging 3-5 times a week for the next month and a half.  I completed that hike and although I previously despised running, I continued hitting the pavement and treadmill ever since.  Despite still struggling with consistency, I’ve since then managed to summit Half Dome twice, hike to the top of Yosemite Falls, complete two 5K races, a 5K Warrior Dash and just recently my first 10K.  But, all the while I had still been seeking something that could fulfill both my passion for lifting and my newfound (we’ll call it ‘tolerance’) for running.  I had heard from various friends and past training partners about CrossFit but every gym that offered it had classes at times that were incompatible with my schedule.  Finally, one of my closest friends, Marko, discovered that 707 offered 6 A.M. classes which was exactly what I needed!  I gave it a shot in early December 2011 and I can say with confidence, “I don’t EVER want to stop training here!” 707 provides a challenge EVERY single workout and pushes me to work at a level of intensity that I’ve rarely experienced in the past.  Even after just a month, I feel faster, stronger, more flexible and athletic.  In fact, I was able to complete the 10K I just ran on New Year’s Eve from training at 707 alone for just a few short weeks……(outside of CF, I only ran 3 miles one time within the 2 months leading up to the race!)  And the phyical benefits are just the beginning…707 has created the most supportive and knowledgeable fitness community I’ve ever had the privilege to be a part of.  The trainers have a wealth of experience and truly care about each of their member’s progress as well as safety.  And all my fellow CFers are some of the most encouraging and determined people I’ve met.  I’ve been talking up 707 to everyone these days because I believe in what they’re doing so wholeheartedly….helping to reveal to others the importance of proper health and fitness and providing the most valuable, challenging and encouraging environment for people to pursue it.  As for my future fitness goals….2012 will have me running more 10K’s, more mud runs, my first half marathon and completing the Tough Mudder!  And I’m confident that these will all be a piece of cake with 707 training me up!”

~ Andre Morales, client since December 2011  



“I actually started CrossFit during an ugly divorce, and it really helped me through a very difficult time in my life.  I cannot express into words how life-changing and supportive CrossFit and 707 was, and still is, for me!  Coach Kara was one of the first ones to step in and motivate me to fight back for my self-confidence.  All of the coaches are unique and wonderful in their own ways, and I love the deep sense of community here.  Really amazing group of people!”

~ 707 Client since October 2014 


10382589_735253296497446_1135772385847181082_o“I HAVE NO ATHLETIC ABILITY, BUT I LOVE CROSSFIT!  I am doing activities that I never thought was possible.  CrossFit is helping me be more confident in myself and realizing that there is an athlete in me.  None of this would be possible without the amazing coaches and supportive fellow CrossFitters.  The coaches and members at 707 Strength & Fitness have everyone’s back, even when you are the one bringing in the rear.  Everyone should try a WOD, and you will be hooked.”

~ Sarah-Ann Hall, client since October 2010





“CrossFit pushes me to workout harder. When I went to the gym it was easy to not challenge myself.  At CrossFit, the Work Out of the Day is timed.  You are competing against the clock, how fast can you do the WOD, or how many rounds of the WOD can you do in a given amount of time.  No time to sit and think or chat.  Just a hard, focused workout!  I love how the workouts change daily…not the same old workout.”

~ CF707 Client since November 2012


I can’t say enough good things about 707 S&F. The coaches put their heart and soul into making each client better and stronger (physically, emotionally, mentally….you name it). They are all so supportive, super positive and always make sure your workout is scaled to your individual level. You may walk in with fear and doubt, but you’ll walk out feeling like you can accomplish any goal you ever set for yourself. I wish I could give them 10 stars!

~ Lisa Pariera, client since December 2016


“I heard all the rumors about CrossFit – how dangerous it was, and everyone said that I shouldn’t do it.  But, I tried out one of their Free Tuesday events, and the coaches and people were nothing like I had heard.  Everyone shook my hand and smiled at me, people helped me out and encouraged me, and the coaches were so funny and inviting.  I couldn’t help but think myself why others thought CrossFit was such a bad thing, when everyone here seemed so happy.  And most of them were normal, like me! Haha!  I expected to see young athletes with their shirts off and six-pack abs, and I’d be the only old, fat person there.  But, there were so many different types of people, and it actually made it really encouraging to me to see that anyone really can do this stuff.  I am so thankful that I didn’t listen to everyone else, and I gave CrossFit a chance, and even more thankful that I found 707!  Spencer and Kara have built an amazing community here, and I will always be grateful for what they have created in Benicia.”

~ 707 Client since January 2013