August 28, 2014



Our BootFit Class is all body-weight, cardio, and lightweight movements, and very much like a traditional boot-camp class, in a non-intimidating and very encouraging environment.

We still teach you proper form and technique, provide excellent coaching and motivation, provide scaling and modification options for any all abilities and needs, and have the family-feel.

The BootFit Class offers a new outlet for our current members, as well as provides an opportunity for the rest of the community who don’t necessarily want to do our CrossFit classes, but would like an engaging, challenging, and well-rounded fitness program filled with camaraderie, support, and superior coaching.

This class is also a perfect start for new members who are not quite ready to make the plunge into CrossFit, and want to “get in shape” first, as well as build up some confidence.




Monday – Friday @ 8:45am

Mon, Wed, & Fri @ 10:30am

Saturday @ 8:00am

~ All Classes are 45 min long

~ Kids Room available (NO supervision available; Parents are responsible for their own children and their needs)