August 15, 2014


At 707 Strength & Fitness, our mission is to train people for LIFE. This is a lifestyle for us, not a 90-Day Challenge and fall right back where you started from. Our goal is to show our community that there is a better way to live a healthy and fit lifestyle that is challenging, engaging, supportive, and SUSTAINABLE. Fitness doesn’t have to feel like a another part-time job. And, we leave all egos out the door.

Our programming and our coaching are carefully and methodically designed to motivate you, challenge you, and help make you a well-rounded machine to be able to take on the every day tasks that life enjoys throwing at us. Helping a friend move his furniture, carrying your toddler around, bringing in the groceries from the car, walking up four flights of stairs, playing a basketball game with old friends, coaching your daughter’s soccer team, playing with your grandkids, helping a stranger push his broken down car to the nearest gas station…707 makes you a better YOU! Everything you already do and enjoy will be even easier and more fun for you.



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