April 5, 2011


We approach health & fitness individually, and therefore, pricing will vary member to member depending on their needs, how much one-on-one coaching is needed, how often they attend group classes, and if any other services or programs are implemented into their regime.

We see this as a personal investment into your yourself. This is your “retirement fund” to live a quality of life, for the rest of your life!

Please contact Coach Kara at (707) 853-3556, or email at kara@crossfit707.com to discuss your needs and goals, and find out what options might be a good fit for you.





The following is applicable to all memberships:

  • All Memberships are a 12 month contract.  We are not here to provide a quick fix; Improving your fitness is a commitment and lifestyle.
  • Auto-payment by credit card, electronic check or bank transfer is required.  We can do monthly or bi-monthly payments
  • Immediate Family members receive a 15% discount from the base rate.
  • Cancellation of a contract is allowed within 3 days of signing contract without penalty or with written notice. Cancellation fee apply.
  • 30 Days Written Notice required for Cancellation. Please remember partial months are not permitted. If a member cancels on or after the 2nd of any month, then a full payment will still be due the following month on the 1st. There are no refunds for membership fees, and CrossFit 707 will not prorate a cancelled membership
  • If you move over ten miles from the gym and provide proof of move we will cancel when we receive proof of move (utility bill, etc.)
  • Contract may also be cancelled for serious medical reasons, if accompanied by doctor’s note
  • We do not hold or freeze memberships for vacations, trips, or other short-term absences. Health & fitness does not stop when you are out of the gym. We do, however, offer traveling workouts and guided coaching while out of the gym to help you maintain your health and fitness until your return. We do make the exception for extreme situations, like deployment.


If you have any additional questions you can reach us at kara@crossfit707.com, or call at (707) 853-3556