July 17, 2011

How to Start


At CF707, we make starting CrossFit fun and non-intimidating.  This is a lifestyle for us, not just another 90-day challenge.  Fitness and health is a lifetime habit.  We train with intensity, quality, and purpose, and keep it engaging and challenging by constantly varying the movements, loads, and times in order to obtain a general physical preparedness for daily living.

Life brings us many physical and mental demands each day, and we train you to do the ordinary extraordinarily well.

We require that all new prospective members complete an initial one-on-one assessment.  This is an hour long introduction to 707 Strength & Fitness, the CrossFit method, and our approach to providing you with lifelong fitness.  Dress to do a workout as well!

After your free one-on-one we will discuss next steps.  We believe that the best way to get you up to speed is through one-on-one sessions, our Fundamentals Process.  Typically we find that new clients need at least ten sessions to become competent in the basics of CrossFit but we start with three sessions to see the clients current state of fitness.  Your coach through this process, your “coach for life,” will guide you through the personal training sessions.  Based on your progress and level of fitness in the initial sessions your coach will decide how many additional sessions you will need.  We typically find that new people need around 7-10 additional personal training sessions but that number can very.  This is so we are confident in your ability to workout safely and effectively in the group setting.  After you have complete the Fundamentals classes you can begin joining regular CrossFit and specialty classes.

Cost for the initial 3 sessions is $225 and full payment is required at sign up.  This cost covers your initial three private sessions after your initial one-on-one.  After those sessions you and your coach will talk about additional personal training sessions needed

If you would like to come check us out, and want to get started on the path to health and fitness like you’ve never known before, please email us at info@crossfit707.com, or call us at (707) 205-1301