July 17, 2011

How to Start

How to Start & Be Awesome at Benicia Movement:

1) Make The Call!

Please call us at (707) 590-0236

2) Come On In!

We offer a Complimentary Assessment so that we can begin to know who you are, your lifestyle, why you want to get fit, how we can best assist in that journey, and create an action plan together to achieve your goals and get started.

During this initial assessment, we discuss your past experiences with health, fitness, sports, and injuries, your current lifestyle choices, your schedule, eating habits, sleep patterns, mood swings, energy levels, heredity, family life, career life, social life, as well as review some of your movement patterns and mobility. The more we can learn about you, the better we can custom tailor the program and coaching to meet your individual needs.

This free assessment is also your chance to get to know us, ask questions, check out the facility, meet our community, and see if we are a good fit for you and your goals. We have to be a great match for this journey to be successful, and if for some reason we find we are not a good fit, we can help you find another professional who can best suit where you are at in life.

Our goal is to make this a lifestyle so that we can enhance your quality of life, for every stage of life that you get to experience.

3) Show up!

Sometimes the biggest hurdle is just getting your foot through the door. Just show up for the initial consultation. Give yourself a chance.

4) Meet & Work with your Coach For Life!

After the initial consultation, if we find that we are great fit, you will start with a personal coach in one-on-one sessions.  We call this the “Fundamentals Stage.” These private sessions are individually-programmed to build your foundation for fitness, and teach you proper form and technique, as well as establish your appropriate baseline in order to scale and/or modify workouts and movements so that they are both challenging and safe for you.  Proper progression is key to long-term success in fitness.

Your Coach For Life will work with you on everything from proper squatting, pull up progressions, how to deadlift, clean & jerk, front squat, snatch, swing a kettlebell, row, and run, and will also collaborate with you on your nutrition, sleeping patterns, workout schedule, and anything else that needs attention.

Your coach will be your valuable resource, mentor, and teacher for all things health and fitness related, and will check in regularly with you throughout your journey, because this is not just a 60-day challenge – This is a lifestyle that needs constant adjustments and coaching while life happens to you (For better and worse, through sickness and health).

5) Making It Happen!

Once you “graduate” from the Fundamentals Stage, you will then move to a Hybrid Membership, which consists of unlimited group classes, as well as ongoing one-on-one sessions as needed between you and your coach. This could be once a week, once every other week, once a month, or maybe just once every three months for the private sessions. You and your coach will decide what is appropriate for you.

6) Specialty Classes!

Once you’ve been with us for awhile, you may find that our other Specialty Classes are areas you’d like to work on and add to your fitness regime. We also offer Personalized Programming for clients with a specific focus, such as competition, rehabilitation, Olympic lifting, weight loss, or maybe even just a specific goal, like getting a muscle up.


It all starts with a phone call or email.

It’s that simple.

Be the best you that you can be!