The Marriage of Two Gyms

Please sit down, turn the volume up, and watch this important video…

We are excited and thrilled to announce that 707 Strength & Fitness and Benicia Movement are joining forces, and merging our two exceptional gyms together to create an even stronger community of exceptional people!

Coach Spencer is re-locating to the Midwest for work, and therefore we chose Ohio as our best option, since his family lives out there. Coach Kara is moving quickly with the girls to get Bailey into Kindergarten, and adjusted into the new community.  However, the merge will be a bit more gradual, and Coach Spencer is going to still be in Benicia for the next two to three months to help with the merging process.

We are so thankful, and extremely lucky, to have a fellow MadLab Business just around the corner from us to continue the growth and progress of 707. This merge is such a blessing, and it means that our community can stay together, and continue to receive professional coaching and programming. There is no other gym around that we would trust with our clients. Spencer and I know that you are going to a gym that upholds the same high standards and qualities, as well as the same philosophy and goals as we do here.

Even though Spencer and I will no longer be a part of the gym, everyone else and everything else will be just as awesome, if not even more awesome!  Coach Ian, Coach Jenny, and the rest of our coaching staff will be a part of Benicia Movement’s team, and they will be adopting many of our classtimes into their schedule, such as the 5:00am class, and the MetCon Specialty Course.

While some of you may see it as “losing Spencer and I” (which we appreciate), there is actually SO MUCH to gain from this merge! In blending two MadLab Business Gyms, we are growing our community of clients who have chosen to live a quality of life through health and fitness, and will continue to learn, grow, progress, and thrive together! You are gaining a new facility with an outdoor rig and turf area. You are gaining new friends. You are gaining an opportunity to grow.

As we move through this merging process, there will be a lot of questions and concerns, and we encourage all of you to have open communication with each other, and with us! Please talk to the coaches! Talk to us! Talking makes everything less scary, more clear, and much more exciting, because this is an exciting change! 🙂

Check here on the blog, our Facebook page, FB Community Page, Instagram, and the whiteboard at the gym to stay up-to-date and in the know through this entire process!  Thanks!

Please check out Benicia Movement’s website, and get to know them a bit more: 



Friday, Sept 22nd:

5:00 / 6:00 / 8:45 / 9:30am Classes will be @ 707 S&F and we will be joined by the BeMo community!

12:00 / 5:00 / 6:00pm Classes will be @ Benicia Movement (So, please meet us there! 707 will be closed) – 685 Stone Road #17

Saturday, Sept 23rd:

9:00am Fit Class & 9:00am GPP/CF Class @ Benicia Movement (Meet us there! 707 will be closed) – 685 Stone Rd # 17

Sunday, Sept 24th:

7:00 – 11:0am Classes as normal @ 707 S&F, and BeMo will be joining us!

Also on Sunday – 707 & BeMo Family Potluck BBQ @ Francesca Terrace Park (aka Armory Park) – Time to be Announced