Happy Birthday, Coach Jenny!!!

On this day, we get to thank our lucky stars that Coach Jenny was created and brought into this world to better our lives! She is one of the most selfless and uplifting people around, and she reminds daily what awesome looks like.

What we appreciate most about Coach Jenny is just how deeply and genuinely she wants others to succeed, even before herself. She actually gets way more satisfaction and pleasure seeing others achieve a PR or first-time. She openly celebrates others’ progress and growth, while silently working on her own. And while she has a serious work ethic and training plan, she will never hesitate to drop her barbell and help a client practice Double Unders or work on pull up progressions for a bit.

She loves people, sports, coaching, and helping others, and it is extremely evident in her day-to-day actions. I have to imagine that she lives her life always asking herself, “How can I help this person? How can I make this situation better? How can I be better?”

Thank you for always giving us your absolute best, and for all that you are, and all that you will be. We are grateful for your heart and soul, and for uplifting our community to bring out each of our best.

We love you, Coach Jenny!

Happy Birthday!!!