Friday Fun Night!


Date Night Team WOD @ 5:00pm

Town Hall / Community Meeting @ 6:00pm

Family Potluck BBQ & BYOB @ 7:00 – 9:00pm

This Friday, September 15, we will be having a Fun Fitness Friday Night with “Date Night” @ 5:00pm.

This will involve either a Hero or Girl WOD, and can be done solo, partner-style, or in small teams. And yes, like always, there will be scaling and modifications available as needed.

After the fun sweat sesh, we will be having an important Town Hall Meeting. We strongly encourage all of you to be there. This is just our chance to sit down and talk together about all things fitness, health, nutrition, coaching, programming, business, and life in general. We also have some exciting updates to share with you, and we’d like to collect your feedback, as well. So, even if you don’t come for the workout at 5pm, we hope you can at least make the meeting!

After the meeting, please stick around and join us for a Family Potluck BBQ & BYOB! And again, if you are unable to make the workout and meeting, we hope you can at least make it to our BBQ! Kids okay, too! Bring anything and everything, even delicious non-Paleo items!

See y’all there! 😉