got speed?

“Speed is the ability to perform a motor skill as rapidly as possible. Simply, it is the ability to move quickly, which is an essential quality in many sports. Reaction time is closely related to speed.

Reaction time is the ability to respond rapidly to a stimulus (cue). Reaction time can be improved by explosive exercise and sport-specific practice.”


For the next 6 weeks, our General Physical Preparedness Program will have an emphasis on the fitness component: Speed!

This will involve exercises and drills, like sled sprints, box jumps, sit to squat, kettlebell swings, agility ladder, and so forth. We will also strengthen our legs to help improve our speed with various back squats, such as box squats, tempo squats, pause squats, and banded squats.

Now, keep in mind, everything in fitness is a relative term, and we all have our own perspective of what things mean. For example, “fast” is different for Coach Spencer versus Coach Kara. For Coach Spencer, a 200m sprint is a sub 30 seconds, while Coach Kara is a sub 40 seconds. However, for Coach Kara, “Fran” is a sub 3, while Coach Spencer is a sub 4. A fast mile for one person may be 10:30, while another is 8:50, and another 7:13, and another 6:27.

The point is – Focus on YOU and your own progress.

As we work on these specific areas of fitness, keep reminding yourself that there is not a specific end goal you have to reach, we just want progress and improvement so that you are better at life! 😉