Happy Birthday, Coach Ian

And, today marks the day that Coach Ian was brought into this world so that he could make a positive impact on our lives!

He is the quiet storm who brings calmness into the center of any setting. He is a thinker. He listens to understand, and he will only respond if it is to further understand and connect. He builds relationships selectively, slowly, and intentionally, and he is the most loyal and true human being on the planet. Though young in age, he is old in integrity, character, and soul.

Coach Ian also has a wicked sense of humor and quick wit. Don’t let his silence fool you. He is always listening, waiting for the right opportunity, and when least expected, will throw in a clever one-liner or sarcastic remark, leaving all of us in stitches.

He’s got a big heart, a mind that never sleeps, and a soul that lives fearlessly.

Thank you for being a solid rock in our FitFam community, Coach Ian. We love and appreciate all that you are, and all that you are evolving into being.

Happy Birthday!





WOD for FRIDAY 072817:

Partner WOD!!! 😉

Rope Climbs