Happy Birthday, Coach Robb

When I think of Coach Robb and the type of man and friend that he is, this scene always pops up in my head:

While Duckie didn’t get the girl, he was the bestest friend anyone could have ever asked for in life!

Coach Robb got the girl, though, and he’s an awesome friend! Most definitely the guy who will be there when he says he will be, and he’ll even be there when you don’t ask, but he knows you need it. He’s the guy who will connect friends of friends of friends of friends to help land a job interview, or find a new apartment, get a new babysitter, book a hotel in Hawaii, or are new in town and need to make new friends.

A social butterfly. Homecoming King. Mr. Popular. Trost with the Most. The life of the party!

Coach Robb genuinely LOVES people! He loves to meet new people and learn about them. He loves to nurture old relationships and grow with them. He loves to reconnect with past relationships. He can cut through any tension in a group, break the ice in any setting, and bring laughter to any situation.

His gift is peopling!

But, the big difference between Coach Robb and others who try to be “social and popular” is that Robb actually means it. He is genuine and authentic. He is sincere. He’s not doing it for praise or popularity points. He does what he does because he really loves people and life, and feeds off of the happiness and success of others, just as much as his own.

He understands that there is enough room at the top for everyone!

Thank you for your epic level of awesome, Coach Robb!! We love you!!