Robb & Paul!!!

Untamed Strength Gym

5780 Auburn Blvd. Sacramento CA 95841

(Behind the ACTION Military Surplus Store)

Come cheer on Coach Robb & Paul Caballero at their first-ever Strongman competition

Contest Weights:

Competitor weight divisions changed to under/over 220 lbs. Women will compete in one weight division. All competitors must weigh in.

Log Press: 200/240
Deadlift: Opens at 315 lbs. (3 attempts)
Fire Truck
Mystery Event
Stone Over Bar: 285/305

Log Press: 105 lbs (10″ BeastMetals Log)
Deadlift: Opens at 185 lbs. (3 attempts)
Truck Pull
Mystery Event
Stone Over Bar: 155 lbs

Competitors will compete for 1st place award (under/over 220). 1st place competitor in each USS weight division will qualify for nationals

NORMAL SATURDAY CLASS SCHEDULE at 707 Strength & Fitness. Coach Kara will be coaching classes, while Coach Spencer (and our adorable assistant coaches, Bailey & Emma) is cheering on our strong men! 😉