What’s the WOD?!

You may have noticed that I’ve recently started posting the WOD in a little bit of an odd way. It’s missing numbers and finer details.

While I appreciate those of you who like to know the workout ahead of time, there is something to be said for a little mystery.

So… We’ll meet in the middle. 😉

I’ll give you the movements for the day. That way, those of you who plan your outfits and gear will know what you need ahead of time (Lulu shorts, or Lulu pants?!).

We’ll try it out this way for awhile, and see how it goes…







WOD for THURSDAY 070617:


R-arm KBS Power Clean + Press

L-arm KBS PC + Press

100m Run

Hang Power Cleans 

Push Press 

DUs / 2x Singles

~ 1:00 REST between rounds