Town Hall Notes

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Town Hall Meeting 2017


To break it down for y’all…

  1. Thank you for being a part of our 707 Community! We are built and maintained by YOU! XOXO
  2. We are constantly evolving and striving for growth and improvement, both personally and professionally
  3. Your “Coach For Life” will be contacting you this week! If there is a coach you are adamant about having, please let Kara or Spencer know ASAP.
  4. Hybrid Clients (CrossFit), Legacy Clients (Members who started before 2016), & Specialty Clients (MetCon & Strength)
  5. New 6-8 Week Cycles weaved into GPP Programming (CrossFit) to make us better at the 10 general components of fitness
  6. New 6 Week Cycle Specialty Courses
  7. How New Clients Start – Set up an Initial Consultation!
  8. New 6-8 Week Strength & Gymnastics Cycles in Project 707 Programming for our Hybrid/Legacy Clients who want/need more in their training
  9. Remote Coaching on demand when you can’t make it to the gym, whether just a long day at work, a long weekend, or going on a 2-week vacation.
  10. The excitement starts July 1st! 🙂

Please ask us any questions and share any concerns with us! We are always open to communication! We know that change can be scary sometimes, especially if you don’t fully understand the information. Ask us questions! We are always here. And, we are super excited to bring these new services to you all, as we think you will love them and reap some incredible benefits from them!

Special Thank You to all of our Wonderful Health & Fitness Professionals

who came to our Fitness Festival:

~ Dr. David Arreola, DC ~ Jeremy Faust, PT ~

~ Benicia Yoga House ~ Chef Aaron LeRoi ~ Andre Morales ~







WOD for MONDAY 061917:

Warm Up:

10 min AMRAP

30-40 DUs / Singles

10 Push ups

5 Primals with 5-sec hold

5 Thoracic Ext & Flex on roller, slow and controlled

5 DB Strict Press with 2 sec hold overhead (Hollow-hold, too / No rib flare)

10 DB Farmer Carry Walking Lunges



For Time


Knee to Elbow / T2B / High Knees

HSPU / Wall Walks (1 is 3) / Strict DB Press

KB Goblet Squat





4 x 10-15 each

MB Sit Up Toss

– One person is on the floor, seated, feet anchored under heavy DBs (abmat optional)

– Other partner standing in front, toss the MB as hard as you can (within reason) at person

– Person catches, completes a Sit Up, and then throws it back as hard as possible (within reason)

Have FUN! 😉