Fitness Festival THIS Saturday!


707 Town Hall Meeting & Fitness Festival Event

8:00am Team Workout for BootFit & CrossFit. Come get your morning sweat on, and then stick around for the event!

We are holding a 707 Town Hall Meeting @ 9:00am to share with y’all some exciting new programs coming up, as well as how we plan on bringing you more education and opportunities to better yourselves!

Then, from 10:00am – 12:00pm, we will have an open floor for you to meet and get to know some awesome local health & fitness professionals! Your quality of life depends on a whole team of professionals, not just one or two. And, even better, a team that can communicate and collaborate. We want to bring our local professionals together so that as a solid unit, we can all better serve you.

Our list of incredible professionals include:
Jeremy Faust, physical therapy
Benicia Wellness Center, chiropractic & massage therapy
Benicia Yoga House
Pro-Faction Martial Art & Fitness
Chef Aaron LeRoi, personal chef & fit meals
Andre Morales, life insurance
And, hopefully a few more!!!

ALL ARE WELCOME! This event is open to the public, so please share and bring everyone along! We will have free coffee and breakfast snacks, too!






WOD for TUESDAY 061317:

Warm Up:


Rowling to 125m

– 5 Primals w/ Push up + 3 Air Squats for every meter

– 10 Walking Lunges + 3 Thrusters w/ empty bar for every meter

– 10 Hollow Rocks + 5-sec HS Hold -or- Plank Hold for every meter



12 min AMRAP

1 Rope Climb

6 DB Squat Cleans

6 HSPU / DB Strict Press / 2-3 Wall Walks

6 Burpees



4 Sets For Quality

10 Overhead KB Shoulder Rocks with Hollow position