Happy Birthday, Coach Ari

This Saturday, during our Team WOD, we will be celebrating 25 years that this planet has been graced with the presence of Coach Ari! What a better world, indeed, with her in it! 😉

Coach Ari is definitely ahead of her time, while only just turning 25 years old on this day, she has the grace, wisdom, maturity, and know-how of those twice her age. She’s insightful, mindful, and is constantly reflecting and evaluating, and then executing with the intent to improve. She’s a thinker by every meaning of the term, and we love and appreciate her raw, real, and down-to-earth personality.

Coach Ari says it like it is. She’s the friend who will tell you when a piece of Parsley is stuck between your teeth, who will politely suggest a different shirt when it does not flatter your figure, who will “no rep” you when your squat isn’t below parallel, and who will correct others when they are gossiping the wrong information about you behind your back. She keeps it real, even with herself, and it’s definitely a breath of fresh air in the world often distracted by social media, highlighted reels, and instant gratification.

She’s also a pretty amazing spontaneous dancer with her own super sweet moves and style. If you play the right songs, you just might catch a glimpse of her mad skillz. Bruno Mars “24K Gold” is a pretty good one… 😉

Thanks for being such a vibrant part of our 707 community, Coach Ari! We love you!

Happy Birthday!!!




“Coach Ari’s Birthday WOD”


25 min Ascending AMRAP

20 Wall Balls

5 Heavy Hang Power Cleans @ 70%

5 Burpee Lateral Jumps over Partner in plank-position

5 Bar Muscle Ups

~ Add 1 rep each round to HPCs, BLJs, & BMUs

~ Wall Balls remain the same throughout the WOD