Forward Motion

Change can be hard, even good ones. We find comfort in certainty and predictability. If you have known us long enough, though, we are always trying to challenge ourselves, and each other, and continue to keep that ball rolling.

We want growth, no complacency. We want results, not routine. We want life, not existence.

Yesterday, we spent the entire Saturday rearranging the gym, and cleaning it up from head to toe. Hours upon hours of taking down the pull rig, and moving into the center of the gym with the intention of utilizing the gym floor in a much more efficient and functional way. We also reorganized the weights and other equipment to hopefully maximize our usage of the gym.

Between CrossFit classes, Project 707, Barbell, BootFit, Personal programming, Private sessions, and Open gym, this new floor plan will allow all of us to share the space in a safer and much more effective manner.

We are really excited for y’all to experience the new set up this week! πŸ™‚

And stay tuned… There will be some remodeling happen gradually over the next few months…


We would like to recognize and thank our Coaches Ari, Johnita, Jenny, & Carl, as well as our 707ers and friends, Daniella, Kya, Paul C, Andrea M, & Lindsey.

They gave up their entire afternoon and evening to help make all of this happen! They worked tirelessly with me and Spencer, and we are so thankful for their hearts and big muscles! πŸ˜‰

Please be sure to thank these guys personally this week next time you see them in the gym!

We hope all you awesome moms out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day!Β 










WOD for MONDAY 051517:

Warm Up


30 sec on / 15 sec off

DUs / Singles

Push ups

Air Squats

Hang Power Snatch @ empty barbell



10 min EMOM

3 Power Snatch @ 45%

12 Lateral Jumps over barbell

—– Rest 3 Minutes —–

8 min EMOM

30-50 DUs, depending on skill level

—– Rest 3 Minutes —–

6 min EMOM

5 Thrusters @ 50% of Push Press

5 Pull ups

—– Rest 3 Minutes ——

For Time

1 Mile Run






Front Squat with 3 sec active hold at bottom and ΒΌ squat position

5 x 2 @ 70-75%

Rest as needed