Less Restrictions, More Living

Less Restrictions, More Living

Written by Kara Purves

Benicia Herald Newspaper, Tuesday, April 11, 2017 Issue

Often when we start something new, we focus too long and hard on the things we have to give up, and miss out on all of the wonderful things we are going to gain.  When we finally decide to lose those extra 30 pounds, instead of thinking, “I’m going to be able to play with my grand kids more, I’ll have so much energy, and I won’t need the cholesterol medication anymore,” we focus on, “Aw man, I’m going to have to give up pizza and beer every night, no more Kit Kats and soda, and I won’t be able to sleep in anymore.”  We go in with a negative attitude, and then wonder why we came out with negative results.

Nutrition is the hardest one to tackle. Most diet plans start by telling you, “No x, y, and z! You cannot eat a, b, and c!” It’s really an epidemic we’ve given ourselves. Many doctors do the same thing to us. You go in for a shoulder injury, and get told, “No more working out. You cannot lift, run, or do any pull ups. No, no, no…” We get so many “no’s” in the health and fitness world.
Restrictions suck! No one likes them, so why do we beat each other with a stick thinking we are going to have a positive change?  Just like Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that,” so too negative cannot drive out negative; only positive can do that. The Prohibition Era demonstrates all too well how restrictions only push us to find other ways towards the thing we are told we cannot have. Since alcohol was illegal, they formed underground operations and switched to other illegal drugs that they would have been unlikely to encounter pre-Prohibition. I’ve seen similar behavior in strict Paleo challenges – A person with a sweet tooth trying to bake her way through the challenge with “Paleo” treats that call for Stevia, agave, maple syrup, and honey.  She went from one extreme of sugars to another.
Health and fitness should not be about restrictions. It’s supposed to enhance your life, not limit it.  So, you’re not losing sleep by getting up an hour earlier to workout – You are gaining a longer day, and a longer life.  You’re not losing pizza and beer – You are gaining better liver function and a happier gut.
Make positive changes and focus on what you have to gain from it. 
Drinking more water will give you more energy and clarity, promote weight loss, and help your body regulate itself. Working out consistently will give you better moods, more independence, build lean muscle, and provide an increased quality of life. Eating real, fresh foods will help regulate your hormones, enhance performance, support your immune system, and maintain regularity.
Live your life. In a world full of negatives, learn to find the positives and make health and fitness a happy journey!
Do more, gain more.
Happy Fitness!

WOD for WEDNESDAY 041217:

Warm Up


While A does 200m Row, B does station, and then switch.  Repeat for the other stations.

1) Step Ups, alternating

2) Ring/Bar Rows

3) Primals w/ push up

4) Calf Raises, slow and controlled

5) Bear Crawl


8 RFT:

35 Double Unders

15 Alternating One-arm DB Snatch

10 Pull Ups



:30 on / :30 rest

Hollow Hold

Hollow Rocks



Flutter Kicks

Scissor Kicks

Bodyweight Russian Twists w/ feet off ground




Project 707

Box Front Squats


Start @ about 40%, and add weight each set as appropriate

~ Pause and stop all momentum at the bottom on the box, but do NOT sit down and relax on the box, losing your squat stance position. Remain engaged.

~ Rest as needed