Weightlifting Etiquette

Since we are starting a NEW BARBELL CLUB this Monday (every Monday @ 8:00pm!!!), we thought it would be a good idea to go over some weightlifting etiquette.  This is NOT CrossFit.  Although there are some similarities, of course, there is a very different mentality here when we are purely lifting weights…

1. DO NOT walk, stand, loiter, or converse in front of a platform while an athlete is lifting (and don’t walk behind them, either!).

2. Be aware of your fellow lifters!  If someone is going for a big lift or PR, wait to do your lift and cheer him on to show your support.

3. Put all your equipment back where it belongs, wipe down your barbell, and tidy up the gym before you leave.  This is our home away from home, so please respect our house!

4. Chalk up your hands over the bowl…NOT over the floor or platform (don’t be THAT guy!).

5. SHARE the equipment.  Lift with a friend.  Lift with someone a little better than you, even!

6. DO NOT spot someone if you do not know how to correctly!!  Ask the coach

7. Grunting and war cries are understandable when going for a big PR…but not on every single lift.

8. Turn your cell phones off, or on vibrate.  We don’t want ANY distractions when lifting, especially when going for a big lift.  If you need to talk on your phone, please go outside.

9. It’s okay to talk and have fun, BUT this is NOT Social Hour nor Gossip Girls!  We are here to lift! 😉


11. Take your time…this is NOT CrossFit – we are NOT doing an AMRAP, nor are we doing this for time!



WOD for MONDAY 112612:

Hang Squat Clean Technique & Pull up Progressions


6 min AMRAP:

Hang Squat Clean Thruster (115/75) & Pull up Ladder

~ 1 HSC, 1 PU, 2 HSC, 2 PU, 3 HSC, 3 PU, 4 HSC, 4 PU, 5 HSC, 5 PU…and so on!  Go as far up the ladder as you can in 6 minutes! 😉